Potential Huge Roman Reigns Spoiler For WWE Draft 2023

Potential Huge Roman Reigns Spoiler For WWE Draft 2023 WWE

There’s a potential huge spoiler on what could happen with Roman Reigns in the upcoming WWE Draft, which starts tonight.

Reigns has been announced as being in the draft pool for the first night, which means tonight’s April 28 episode of SmackDown.

Given the current standing of Reigns on the roster, with him being Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and unbeaten for years now, it would be a shock if Reigns isn’t the first draft pick.

There could be a huge spoiler in that because, in years gone by, since Raw is a longer show than SmackDown and therefore needs more people on the roster, Raw has always gotten the first pick (in batches of five, it goes Raw, SmackDown, Raw, SmackDown, Raw).

So unless that format changes this year, the most likely situation would be Reigns ending up on Raw.

There would of course be ways out of that if he has to stay on SmackDown, such as some kind of angle like a trade, SmackDown having the first pick, or just picking someone else first as a shock, but on paper, if you’re just looking at it logically, Reigns on Raw looks the most likely outcome.

If that does happen, it means the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be on SmackDown.

You can see the full draft pools for night one and night two at this link.

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1 year ago by Liam Winnard


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