Reason Awesome Kong Hasn’t Wrestled Too Much In AEW Revealed

3 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Reason Awesome Kong Hasn’t Wrestled Too Much In AEW Revealed

Awesome Kong (formerly Kharma in WWE) is currently involved in one of the most prominent but disliked storylines in AEW with Brandi Rhodes as part of The Nightmare Collective.

Kong was brought in to AEW by Brandi back at Double or Nothing in May where she was inserted into a triple threat match with Britt Baker, Nyla Rose and former AEW star Kylie Rae.

Since then, Kong has only wrestled two matches in AEW, the casino battle royal at All Out and a match on Dark against Leva Bates.

As one of the women in AEW with the most star power, many people are surprised that Kong isn’t wrestling slightly more for the new promotion. However, the reason for her lack of matches might have just been revealed.

Dave Meltzer is reporting on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Kong is not going to wrestle that much for AEW as she is hurt and can’t do all that much in the ring anymore:

“See, the deal with Kong is that you know, Kong’s beat up and there’s not a lot she can really do in the ring. So you do stuff like this because Kong’s kinda famous and you can do things where she’s kinda hidden and stuff. She doesn’t do long matches like everybody else.”

While the AEW men’s and tag team divisions have been booked almost superbly since the TNT debut in October, the way the new promotion has handled its women’s division has left a lot to be desired.


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