Scott Steiner Drops Some Steiner Math On Doctor

2 years ago by Nate Craver

Scott Steiner Drops Some Steiner Math On Doctor

Earlier this month, Scott Steiner collapsed at tapings for IMPACT Wrestling. This past weekend he appeared at a NEW ERA wrestling show.

He stood ringside for a match during this past weekend’s event. You can watch the match below.

However, his update that he provided for the fans in attendance may have been the most fun.  Apparently, the doctor told him only 8% of people survive what he went through. He had this response:

“But as I was sitting on the hospital bed, the doctor came up to me and said, ‘the procedure that happened to you, [most people] would have had an eight percent chance of winning, of getting off the bed, of living.’ I said, ‘doc, every time I step in the ring, I have a 141 and two-thirds chance of winning. What do you think my chances are of jumping out of this business?'”

Steiner was supposed to appear at IMPACT’s TNA retro show over WrestleMania weekend. However, that show has been canceled.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription of the interview.


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