The Rock Comments On Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift’s Love Ahead Of Superbowl

The Rock Comments On Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift’s Love Ahead Of Superbowl WWE

Former WWE Champion The Rock comments on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s love for one another ahead of the Superbowl.

With February 11 marking the date of this year’s Superbowl, much of the discussion on the big game hasn’t been centered on the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Grammy Award-winning singer Taylor Swift have become the talk of the sports and entertainment world instead.

The Rock has become a hot topic of conversation back in the pro wrestling world and is a well-known “Swiftie,” which is the term for a fan of Taylor Swift.

Ahead of the Superbowl, The Rock spoke with CNN’s Coy Wire and was asked about the love between Swift and Kelce. He answered:

“I love it. I don’t have a problem with it, I feel like it’s all part of the game and it’s all the game that we play.”

“Guy starts dating a girl who happens to be the biggest star in the world and he’s a badass SOB on the field.”

“He’s a bad dude in the game and it’s part of a story, but at the end of the day – and I shared this with a few people I’ve talked to privately – is just all that goes away.”

Speaking to Wire directly, The Rock said:

“You [Wire] played the game, so you know at this level, all that stuff goes away.”

“You have to strip it all away and you have one intention and one focus and that’s just to ball out and play the game. That’s the beauty of it.”

“Like you got all the bells and the whistles and the cache and the pomp and circumstance and all this awesome hype that happens surrounding this Super Bowl.”

“This is a big one this year. It’s a big one, man, with a lot on the line and legacy on the line.”

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