Tony Khan Reveals What He Has Learned Following AEW All Out

6 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Tony Khan Reveals What He Has Learned Following AEW All Out AEW

AEW President Tony Khan has revealed what he has learned after dealing with the fallout of All Out.

September 4 was a very eventful night for AEW. Following the pay-per-view, a backstage fight took place after CM Punk’s verbal tirade during the post-show media scrum.

On  Busted Open Radio, Khan was asked what his biggest takeaways from that weekend were. Khan replied:

“Don’t forget you have great people around you, no matter who you are. There’s people you can talk to. Everybody’s got different situations. You have family, friends, people at work, people at school. Don’t forget there’s people that care about you that want to see you succeed.

We have a lot of stuff happening but there are a lot of great people at AEW that wanna make the company go and no matter what the problem is, those are people that are gonna be here and wanna make the company work.

“Before the tournament of champions, a lot of the people in the tournament of champions stepped up and said ‘I don’t care what’s happening, I love this place, I love you and I want to make it great and I’m here for whatever you need.’

“To hear those kinds of words of reassurance from people like Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson, it really means a lot. And then having a lot of the people return no matter what you think of them but having people come back to AEW that were away and their returns mean a lot whether it’s Samoa Joe, who is one of the biggest wrestling stars of all time and is a great presence in the locker room, it’s great to have him back.

“Or even MJF who has made a big difference on TV. I don’t agree with everything he says but I do think the wrestling fans love to see MJF on the shows every Wednesday.

“It makes a big difference for AEW and for Dynamite on TBS when he’s there. It’s really been about the fans rallying around AEW.”

Following the altercation, The Elite were stripped of the Trios Championship, and CM Punk’s AEW World Title was vacated.

At Dynamite: Grand Slam, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson will meet in the finals of the tournament to crown a new champion.

Tony Khan has teased MJF’s involvement in this bout, which you can read more about right here.

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