Update On When Roman Reigns Will Lose The Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Update On When Roman Reigns Will Lose The Undisputed WWE Universal Championship WWE

It has been almost three years since Roman Reigns returned to WWE television as the Tribal Chief and captured the Universal Championship at Payback in 2020.

Reigns has continued to reign as the champion until this very day, as the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, and there has been a lot of speculation about when he will drop the title.

Many believed that Cody Rhodes would be the man to win the title from Reigns at WrestleMania 39 this year, which didn’t end up happening, and it’s still not set in stone whether it will be Rhodes.

In an update from Fightful Select (subscription required), when asked about when Roman could lose the title, the company noted that there were ‘no active plans’ for Roman to lose the title as of WrestleMania.

The source noted that Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso weren’t ever heavily planned or scheduled to win the title.

When asked bluntly about when Roman will lose the title, the response given was ‘whenever Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman say it f**kin’ ends.’

In the event that Roman loses the title, it was said that the two of them would have heavy input as to who that would be, whether that be at SummerSlam tonight against Jey Uso, next year or two years down the line.

The source noted that ‘they are constantly looking at every possibility, when they think it’s the very best thing for business, they’ll know to switch it up, do it right and really make someone doing it.’

The process behind developing the title match, the result, and the transition to Cody Rhodes feuding with Brock Lesnar after WrestleMania was said to be ‘very transparent’, with Cody knowing well ahead of time that would be the result of WrestleMania 39.

The WWE source justified the decision by saying that Roman is hotter than ever, Solo Sikoa is about to be able to draw real money, Jey Uso is a legit attraction, Jimmy Uso is about to be, and even Cody Rhodes is hotter now than he was before WrestleMania.

Roman will face off with Jey Uso in ‘Tribal Combat’ at tonight’s WWE SummerSlam show in Detroit.

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