WWE Hall Of Famer Slams Recent WWE Board Departures

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Hall Of Famer Slams Recent WWE Board Departures WWE

Vince McMahon’s return to the WWE Board of Directors saw a change at the top of the company, including the resignation of Stephanie McMahon.

Michelle Wilson and George Barrios would return to the company, whilst JoEllen Lyons Dillon, Jeffrey R Speed and Alan M Wexler would all be removed from the Board.

In response to all this, Man Jit Singh – who headed up the Board’s investigation into McMahon – and Ignace Lahoud would resign, with a subsequent report stating that “they did not agree with Mr McMahon’s return at this time.”

On the subject of the boardroom activity, Ric Flair has previously stated that he is “glad” to see Vince McMahon return and has now gone on to express further opinions about the Board of Directors.

Speaking on the To Be The Man Podcast, Flair questioned the appointments in the first place, saying of those who had resigned:

“What does he know about wrestling? That’s my answer.

“What are the two people that got fired know about wrestling? I mean, that just goes on in business everywhere.

“I don’t know, how in the hell people know nothing about wrestling and get a board of directors, except just to be in an appointed position and say yes, or say no.

“Does that make sense? Michelle and George will express their opinion. I know it, I’ve heard it, that’s one of the reasons they probably were gone for a while. Something that someone didn’t want to hear.”

The purpose of a Board of Directors in a publicly traded company is to oversee management and set corporate strategy by making decisions as a fiduciary on behalf of the company and its shareholders, which might suggest why the Board of Directors isn’t full of current or ex-wrestlers but by executives with experience of this aspect of the corporate world.

Transcript from Inside the Ropes.

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