NXT Star Shocks Fans Calling Fellow Star ‘C*nty’

NXT Star Shocks Fans Calling Fellow Star ‘C*nty’ WWE

NXT star Wendy Choo has shocked fans with her explicit language when calling out another WWE name.

Since the September 2021 reboot, NXT has been one of WWE’s more ‘edgy’ brands, with more risque humor and slightly harsher language than typical episodes of Raw and SmackDown.

Wendy Choo has taken this edginess to another level online.

On Twitter, the NXT star shared a new photo of herself in PJs and panda slippers, captioning the photo:

“They try to tear you down but they’re already below you.”

Cora Jade replied to this with an implied harsh response, telling Choo to:


Leaving subtlety behind, Choo replied:

“Okay C**ty Cora”

This response shocked fans, who have reacted to the post in the comments and with quote tweets.

As of writing, Choo’s potty-mouthed response has double the number of retweets of her original post, and around over 500 more likes.

It seems that Choo enjoys thinking up explicit names for Jade, as last week Choo called her ‘Whora Jade‘ ahead of their bout on the (November 22) edition of NXT.

Jade ultimately picked up the victory in this bout.

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1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor


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