Update On WWE’s ‘Discussions’ For Legendary Name To Work With Dominik Mysterio

Update On WWE’s ‘Discussions’ For Legendary Name To Work With Dominik Mysterio WWE

A legendary name has provided an update on the two goals he has left, revealing ‘discussions’ to work with Dominik Mysterio in WWE.

With the new era of the LWO in full swing on WWE television and Konnan having previously opened up about a conversation with Triple H, Konnan has recently discussed his hopes for a new run in WWE.

Dave Meltzer addressed the subject of Konnan in WWE in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, writing:

Konnan was on Inside the Ropes radio and talked about having discussions to come here and how his goal is to work with Dominik Mysterio, who in real life is his godson.

He said it hasn’t gotten past the discussion phase and said it was one of the two goals he has left (the other is to promote a major Lucha Libre show in the U.S.).

Konnan would also discuss the ideas he’s had for joining the Latino World Order, with whom he has a history, saying:

“I think right now, the storyline would be you know… I have many ideas for this, just join the LWO because a lot of people don’t know this, because a lot of people don’t follow Lucha.

“Fantasma (Santos Escobar, actually El Hijo del Fantasma) was a guy that I’ve known him since he was a little kid. And I remember his dad used to tell him, because he used to follow me a lot, and his dad would tell him, ‘If you eat all your spinach, you’ll get big like Konnan’, you know, so that’s how long I’ve known him.”

Konnan would discuss Escobar’s time in Arena Mexico, saying he was “wallowing in mediocrity” until his father asked Konnan for help.

And help is what Konnan gave, bringing the young star to AAA and letting him show his full potential, including on the microphone.

Konnan does admit that Escobar “was absolutely terrible” at cutting a promo in those days, though, but would eventually become the number one heel.

Reflecting on the history of the LWO, Konnan also noted that he was supposed to be the first leader of the group although joining nWo Wolfpac put an end to that plan.

Konnan has recently discussed the possibility of WWE expanding into Mexico with an NXT product based there.

Transcript from Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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3 months ago by Dave Adamson


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