WWE Stars Being Told To Sell Injuries More Carefully

WWE Stars Being Told To Sell Injuries More Carefully

Wrestlezone are reporting that there was recently a creative meeting within WWE which focused on superstars being more careful and realistic about how they sell injuries during matches.

Wrestlezone’s source noted one of the spots focused on in particular was Becky Lynch injuring her knee in the Royal Rumble following a Nia Jax attack. If you look back at the show, Becky sells her right knee as it’s the one she hit first, but as we know from watching WWE TV for the past month and a half, it’s her left knee that she’s been selling.

The conclusion according to the source was that talent need to be far more careful with their selling in future as there is a danger that injuries will lose their legitimacy.

This is hardly a new phenomenon in WWE, with selling being one of the most difficult arts of pro-wrestling. It often happens that someone sells an injury, forgets for about five minutes and then starts selling again once they realise what they’re doing.

But anyway, good to see that something is being done about it.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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