Report: WWE Talent Morale Affected By Vince McMahon Concerns

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Report: WWE Talent Morale Affected By Vince McMahon Concerns WWE

According to a new report, WWE backstage morale has been affected by concerns related to Vince McMahon’s return to the company.

Per a report from Fightful Select, there are concerns amongst talent backstage that have begun to affect morale.

When Vince McMahon returned to WWE in January, the official reason was to help facilitate a sale of the company, and that he would not be taking over creative.

According to Fightful, WWE talent have noted that there have been more rewrites occurring on the day of the show than usual, and some have wondered about the changes.

Also mentioning last minute ‘adjustments’ to extensively laid out creative, there are also some other “strong indicators” impacting talent and leading them to believe McMahon may be involved in creative decisions.

In fact, the concerns are being so openly discussed that it isn’t just sources within WWE are talking. According to the report:

“A lot of these concerns were so openly discussed that they ended up making their way to the AEW locker room as well.”

However it is worth noting that there is absolutely no confirmation at this point that Vince McMahon has been involved in creative beyond potentially giving input to Paul Levesque (Triple H) – which Levesque had already told talent was something that could happen,- but with the assertion that Levesque was in charge and would be making final decisions.

According to Fightful, “WWE reps have vehemently denied that McMahon is involved” with creative.

McMahon was backstage at WWE Raw in Boston, Massachusetts on March 6, with the story being that he was there to visit John Cena. Reports emerged that he was in Gorilla Position all night, but was said to not get involved in anything.

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