Former WWE Star Addresses His In-Ring Future

Former WWE Star Addresses His In-Ring Future WWE

A former WWE star has addressed his in-ring future.

During the late 2000’s, Hornswoggle, real name Dylan Postl, became a prominent member of the WWE roster.

First acting as the second to Fit Finlay and then playing various roles including Vince McMahon’s son, he was a popular star for the promotion.

During a new interview with Inside The Ropes, the former WWE star was asked about his in-ring future. He answered:

“Not that I know of. I mean, I would love to, but in-ring, probably is behind me, if I’m being honest with myself after my second failed back surgery. It ain’t in the cards, I don’t believe in-ring for a major company.”

“But I truly believe the coaching stuff. And I’m finally like, grasping that whether I have more to give inside the ring compared to outside, and teaching and helping and that I’m okay with that. I can sign my fake name for the rest of my life. And I’m fully okay with that.”

Providing an update on his relationship with WWE today, Hornswoggle replied:

“Yeah, I talked about it this week on the podcast, when I got released. My, my real father said, ‘Hey, there’s gonna be interviews you do. There’s gonna be people out there, you know, with your release, asking you questions.’”

“Now he goes, he gave me the best advice, he said ‘Dylan. There’s no reason to burn a bridge. No reason. Because they gave you 10 years, of living your absolute dream. There’s no reason to talk badly about that.’”

“He goes, ‘There are people out there that would be begging for the longevity that you had. That shouldn’t have happened in reality.’ And so that’s always been my thing.”

As previously reported, Hornswoggle revealed Vince McMahon and Triple H’s reaction to a “joke” match.

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