Interesting Insight On How WWE Views Current Product

9 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Interesting Insight On How WWE Views Current Product WWE

WWE Chief Branding Officer Stephanie McMahon has provided some interesting insight on how WWE now views its product.

WWE has historically separated itself from other wrestling promotions with unique terms such as ‘sports entertainment’ describing what fans are choosing to tune into each week.

There has been some recent discrepancy surrounding WWE’s view of itself, and whether it considers itself a sports league or a TV series. While the company has changed its recruitment focus to young athletes, former WWE stars have recalled Vince McMahon comparing WWE to a movie production.

Speaking with Deadline about WWE’s involvement in upcoming NBC and FOX upfront presentations, Stephanie McMahon described WWE as a mixture of the two, a sports brand that which can script ‘buzzer beater’ moments.

Interestingly noting that individuals may object to what they do, McMahon stated:

“It really is both (sports and entertainment). It’s like athletic theater. It’s the story, that’s why you care …. You’re swept up in the storylines. We can script the buzzer-beater moments, we can script the Hail Marys. We have a leg up on sports. … You may object to what we do, but you’re never going to be bored.”

Discussing WWE’s lack of players unions, team owners, stadium authorities or agents involved in WWE decision-making, McMahon said:

“We own all of the IP. When brands deal with us, they just deal with us. We create something together.”

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