Jim Cornette On WrestleMania: ’45 Minutes Of Sheer Excitement In A Seven-Hour Package’

4 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Jim Cornette On WrestleMania: ’45 Minutes Of Sheer Excitement In A Seven-Hour Package’

Whilst some fans loved WrestleMania and others were not so keen, one thing that the majority agreed on is that WWE’s biggest show of the year was undeniably far too long. The event had 16 matches spanning over seven and a half hours. The outspoken Jim Cornette has agreed and publically stated that WrestleMania was far too long, only offering “45 minutes of sheer excitement”.

Cornette spoke to Sports Illustrated‘s Justin Barrasso ahead of last night’s NWA Crockett Cup show and was asked what new fans tuning into NWA should expect. Cornette said NWA offers more variety than WWE, who have a typical ‘style of match’:

“For one thing, and I’m not knocking the WWE guys—because some of them have come through training facilities for which I’ve been responsible for—but there is a WWE style of match. If you are only a WWE fan, and you then watch the Briscoes—with their smash-mouth offense, or one of the younger tag teams with the modern athletic style, or the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, who are going to bring some passion and emotion as the most popular team in the history of Charlotte, North Carolina—you’re going to see some excitement.

Cornette then claimed that the NWA Crockett Cup show would offer more than WWE’s WrestleMania:

“I watched WrestleMania. It was 45 minutes of sheer excitement in a seven-hour package. The NWA is going to give you more bang for your buck a little quicker at the Crockett Cup.”

This comes after it was reported that a WWE fan at a live event wearing a Jim Cornette shirt was asked to leave as the event was being recorded and his shirt could have been deemed offensive.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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