Jim Ross Gives His Verdict On AEW’s Different Announce Teams

Jim Ross Gives His Verdict On AEW’s Different Announce Teams AEW

Legendary AEW commentator Jim Ross has provided his opinion of the company’s different announce team line-ups for both Dynamite and Collision.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, JR began by giving particular praise to AEW’s newest signee to the commentary desk, that being Ian Riccaboni, who has worked for ROH since 2014 but only officially signed a multi-year deal with Tony Khan’s company this week.

The announcement of that deal followed an impressive job filling in for Collision lead announcer Kevin Kelly on the July 15 episode.

JR first shouted out Riccaboni’s job in Calgary for Collision, before weighing in on the rest of AEW’s announce team line-ups on both a Wednesday night and Saturday night.

JR said:

“Ian (Riccaboni) really distinguished himself in Calgary, I thought. I thought he and Nigel McGuinness had a hell of a night. I don’t trust anybody any more than Ian Riccaboni to get the stuff in.

“We’ve got a great anchor with Excalibur and another great anchor with Ian Riccaboni and you just got to try it and see what kind of chemistry there is between teams.

The team of Taz and Tony Schiavone and Excalibur is excellent. They really are excellent and they’re getting their timing together.

“They’re not talking over each other. They’re trying, I think, not to use so many fu**ing pronouns.

Then Nigel and Ian had a hell of a night, and that’s leaving out Kevin Kelly in this debate. He’ll be back as I understand it to do Collision, but I don’t know how all that’s gonna work out. I don’t have any idea.

But anyway, you just got to see if they got chemistry. The skill set it takes to have the patience to talk in sound bites and not make your dialogue about you. That’s what we’re waiting to see how that was all going to transfer.”

While AEW is obviously not short of options at the announce desk, the company will be hoping that JR himself can also get added to that list soon enough.

The WWE Hall of Famer is currently on hiatus from AEW due to health reasons, and recently revealed that he had suffered yet another emergency situation in regards to his battle with skin cancer, click here to read on.

We at WrestleTalk continue to wish JR a healthy recovery.

Transcript courtesy of Wrestlingnews.co

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