Mark Henry Criticizes WWE Booking

Mark Henry Criticizes WWE Booking

While what constitutes a ‘stereotypical wrestling fan’ may look different for everyone, Mark Henry is reminding WWE not to insult our intelligence.

On Busted Open Radio, Henry was discussing the return of Ronda Rousey and how the overall booking for the ‘brand split’ in WWE didn’t show respect for fans, saying:

“You know, I know the answer to this but I thought there was a legitmate brand split. I thought that people on Monday do Monday things, and people on Friday do Friday things. I can honestly say that I am genuinely tired of it. Listen, if y’all going to mash ’em, just mash ’em. Make one set of titles for the company. If one brand does not have the title on it, have the #1 contender on the other brand. The pay-per-views can be challenges. It’s ridiculous, man. If you’re going to do it, do it… or don’t. I was in defense of it all these years but I can’t do that anymore. I feel like my intelligence is being insulted. Keep people where they belong.”

With Big E being “drafted” back to SmackDown and at least Seth Rollins continuing to jump from brand to brand, Mark Henry’s critique is shared by other fans and backstage insiders alike who question the system largely thought to be implemented to placate the individual networks that air Raw and SmackDown, USA and Fox respectively, by ensuring star talent appear equitably.

This week sees some disruption to WWE programming as Raw and NXT 2.0 being bumped from their usual home on USA network to the SyFy channel due to on-going Winter Olympics coverage airing on USA during their typical timeslots.

Transcription via Ringside News

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