Former WWE Star Pleased He’s Not In AEW

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Former WWE Star Pleased He’s Not In AEW WWE/AEW

A former WWE star has expressed how pleased he’s not in AEW.

Matt Cardona, then known as Zack Ryder, was released from WWE in April 2020 during the first round of pandemic-related budget cuts. Following his departure, Cardona debuted in All Elite Wrestling where he spent a few weeks in the promotion, but his short stint was mostly uneventful.

The former Intercontinental Champion gained much more success in other companies since then, winning singles gold in IMPACT Wrestling, GCW, NWA and across the independent scene.

In a new interview with The Wrestling Classic podcast, Cardona discussed his arrival in AEW and how it transpired. He said:

“Cody [Rhodes], right away put me in contact with his agent, gave me some great advice. But, like in the wrestling business, if a producer or agent is giving you feedback on a match, sometimes that advice doesn’t work for you.”

“I realized I didn’t need an agent. I wanted to be that guy in the trenches. I wanted to be that guy doing the numbers and negotiating,”

While he was grateful for the opportunity in AEW, Cardona expressed that he feels he would not have been properly utilized if he was still with the company. Matt said:

“Cody set me up for sure, got me that AEW cup of coffee run. I am grateful for that. Didn’t work out at the time, I’ll admit I was bummed out. I was like, ‘Oh sh** now what.’”

“Looking back, a blessing in disguise. If I had signed with AEW then, I’d be on f***ing Dark. No offense to those guys, but that’s not what I want. I was already that guy in WWE.”

With his wife Chelsea Green recently returning to the company, Matt Cardona has been rumored for a WWE return for the past few months with most speculating his come back could come on the Raw after WrestleMania 39.

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