WWE Hall Of Famer Has A Theory About Baron Corbin

WWE Hall Of Famer Has A Theory About Baron Corbin WWE

One WWE Hall of Famer has a theory on why fans have been resistant to the characters presented by one WWE star in the past.

On the latest edition of his Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast, the Road Dogg himself, Brian James shared his theory on why fans (particularly online) hurl insults towards Baron Corbin.

James said:

“His work is good. Look, it’s one of those inherent things that is only in wrestling fandom. If you come from outside of this world, you ain’t welcome and I’ll prove it to you. Think back to all the general managers on Monday Night RAW that would come in and the people would just boo the crap out of them. Like, you got to tell them going out, ‘Mrs. White. They might boo you when you go out there.’ So it’s weird. Already they don’t like him.”

“He came from football. He was good in NXT and we liked him. Then I just saw like a new wave come around now about, ‘Bring back The Lone Wolf character’ and so then he did that in NXT and he’s been having great matches with the top guys in NXT and putting them over. He’s done everything right in this industry.

“Note to self. His wife, they got money, so he don’t need to be doing this, but he does it because he loves it and guess why you do it, fans who hate him? Because you love it, so there’s the common ground. He loves it and I think he’s really good at it and I think he can talk too, so I don’t know what all the hate is about. I think it’s an outsider thing. It’s weird.”

“He’s a watch guy, a watch connoisseur. He’s got all kinds of watches. He’s a great dude. He’s the kind of dude for a shoot hangs out at cigar bars and drives his Lamborghini to it. He’s the real deal, so hate away.”

With Baron Corbin recently revealing in a vignette on WWE NXT that his latest character iteration would be “just him,” perhaps this real life Corbin will present himself on television.

Watches, designer clothes, cigar bars and Lamborghinis… sounds kind of like a natural bestie for MJF!

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Transcription via WrestlingNews.co

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