How WWE Views Cody Rhodes Losing At WrestleMania 39 Four Months Later Revealed

How WWE Views Cody Rhodes Losing At WrestleMania 39 Four Months Later Revealed WWE

WWE’s internal perception of the decision to have Cody Rhodes lose the main event of WrestleMania 39 has now potentially been revealed.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s continued success month upon month with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline at the forefront of the company’s programming.

While it’s more difficult to entirely dispute the decision now, many fans were of course up in arms immediately following Cody’s loss at WrestleMania, something Meltzer discussed as well as how WWE feels about their decision retrospectively four months later.

Meltzer writes:

And there were a lot of complaints when Rhodes didn’t beat Reigns, and here we are four months later and things are still growing.

Those in WWE are strong on the idea that growth is proof that the decision not to put the title on Rhodes at that time was the right one, and in theory, someday they will.

While WWE feels they made the right decision, Meltzer argues that perhaps the success of the Bloodline story may have still been possible without Roman as champion,.

Meltzer continues:

You could argue that you could have done the Bloodline stuff for the Tribal Chief spot and had Rhodes with the belt and it would have been as good or better, but thus far you can’t argue what has been done has been effective in growth.

WWE’s success as a whole is evident as the company recently smashed numerous company records at SummerSlam from Detroit on August 5.

To find out what new benchmarks the company set at the biggest party of the summer click here.

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