WWE Star Reflects On Unleashing ‘Years Of Pent Up Aggression’ In Recent Match

WWE Star Reflects On Unleashing ‘Years Of Pent Up Aggression’ In Recent Match WWE

WWE star Dana Brooke has taken to Twitter to thank fans and her opponent following a recent match with a ‘point to prove’.

On last night’s (July 25) episode of NXT, Dana Brooke defeated Cora Jade in a Kendo Stick match amid their ongoing rivalry.

Today, Dana took to Twitter (or is it X?) to break character and reflect on the match, noting that ‘playtime is over’.

She wrote:

“Last night I had something to prove! Not to ANYONE, but to myself! I have had years of pent up aggression, questioning myself, & showing untapped potential I always knew I had.

“First and foremost I would like to give appreciation to Cora Jade! It takes guts to step in a ring and wrestle every week, but last night was different, knowing it was a kendo stick match & no DQ takes a lot of courage. We literally beat the s**t out of each other. Everything that happened last night in the ring spills out into life experiences. It became personal. You will meet many entitled people in life that think they can & should have it all.

“I kept giving Cora chances & telling her from experience you need to work for it. Just like anything in life, nothing is handed to you. She pushed me to my max & I snapped. People in life get pushed around & taken advantage of & my kindness is my weakness. From weeks of getting slapped around, cheap shots, messing with my friend, & trying to play dirty, SOMETHING SNAPPED, I saw RED! I couldn’t take it anymore from what has happened in WWE & life experiences that I have went through. I needed to tap into a side I knew I had but always was afraid of because I knew it wouldn’t be pretty.

“Last night unleashed a whole new side that I can say…. IT FELT GOOD.. DAMN GOOD! Killa Barbie 2.0 – ……. I love you all… supporters are my #1’s – haters are my motivators! Until next time.. “Playtime is over” – DB”

Dana is currently mentoring Kelani Jordan on NXT following her return to the brand.

Cora also took to Twitter after the loss, posting a rather cryptic simple message.

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