Endeavor’s Reaction To Fan Backlash Regarding Vince McMahon’s Return

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Endeavor’s Reaction To Fan Backlash Regarding Vince McMahon’s Return CNBC

While fan reaction to Vince McMahon’s reported return to WWE’s creative has been universally negative, it seems the opposite may be true for the company’s new owners.

While Endeavor’s Chief Executive Ari Emanuel’s comments on Vince’s involvement in WWE suggest that he is a key part of their vision for the company, it has also of course led to a lot of negative discussion given Vince’s sexual misconduct allegations investigation last year.

However, according to Dave Meltzer on Twitter, this type of reaction will not only not deter Endeavor from their decision, but will further motivate them on Vince’s involvement in the company.

Meltzer tweeted:

“I promise you, the fact there has been so much discussion they will only see as a positive. If there was no discussion, they’d be shaking their heads thinking what went wrong. If it was a misfire, history will tell us, but right now the reaction is what they wanted.”

When asked if they “view overwhelmingly negative reception as positive”, Meltzer replied:

“Yes, to them, no reaction is negative. Strong positive and passionate negative are both considered positive. By the way, this is so basic stuff that I thought everyone knew.”

Despite reports suggesting that the new owners were pleased with the work Triple H had done in Vince’s absence and internal memos stating that the creative of the company would be unchanged, Vince has reportedly almost immediately gone back to his old post in gorilla.

While it remains to be seen whether Vince will be back in creative full-time or not, this week’s Smackdown should give everyone a clearer indication.

Late changes that were made to Monday’s Raw according to Fightful Select included Bayley not accompanying the rest of Damage CTRL to the ring for their tag match against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez, and two women’s three-way matches being pulled from the show.

The Omos vs Elias match was also a late addition and there was said to be a scramble backstage to get Omos some ring gear because he wasn’t expecting to be wrestling.

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