Former AEW Star Returning To Wrestling After Four Years Away

Former AEW Star Returning To Wrestling After Four Years Away AEW

Former AEW star Sadie Gibbs has now announced that she’s returning to wrestling after years away from the ring.

Gibbs took to Instagram with a video featuring shots from her in-ring career.

In the caption she opened up about recent medical issues, including procedures for an inactive tumour, and struggles with vasovagal syncopes (fainting).

Gibbs wrote:


But I can’t get this chapter of my life, out my heart!I will be doing a documentary on my RETURN (yup I said it my RETURN) with @envigormedia

Truth is the pandemic (which end of 2022 only really started to feel like life was free to grasp again) took its effects on all on us one way or another for me I think without knowing it (I had another journey to take) in the last two years I’ve had a couple of ops one where I had a 5cm inactive tumour (known as a dermoid) removed from my right ovary and endometriosis also diagnosed and removed.

I started suffering with side effects of this in my first year of being with AEW having vagal syncopes randomly and dangerously low blood pressure drops during these episodes.

Basically LIFE Happens! And TIME is needed where HEALING can occur my journey in wrestling all happened so fast it was one hell of a rollercoaster including my first ever major family loss (as many know about) then being signed one week prior to the funeral ❤️‍🩹 a year later planning my move to the STATES all packed ready to leave & we hit our first national lockdown 🔒 💭 “it’s fine be over in a few months”

6 months later no change and my release took place from @aew a contact I gave my heart and soul to gain!

But if I’m being honest I wasn’t ready for it, but that’s another thing are we ever truly ready for what life throws at us? No we level up and grow despite what healing needed to take place in between we suck it up and know how blessed we are to have the opportunity.

I’ve been toying with the thought of getting back wrestling (I honestly feel like I went through a breakup with the business, and my craft that I worked so hard to create to that point )

I shut it out and got on with life SURVIVAL INSTINCT! and embarked on a journey which has now brought me back to this point! THE TRUTH!

I’ve never stopped talking about performing the art of wrestling and everyone always says I have so much passion when I do. But it’s something I suppressed and I’ve never thought I’d say this about myself but the path back looked harder than the path away so I guess I just rolled over and called it retired. Let the hard work begin….

Gibbs signed with AEW in 2019 and made her in-ring debut for the promotion in the All Out 2019 Casino Battle Royal.

Her most recent match took place in an AEW Dark taping that October, ahead of her exit from the company in August 2020.

Gibbs had previously announced her retirement from pro-wrestling in April 2021.

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3 months ago by Sanchez Taylor


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