Kevin Owens Discusses Cool Record He Shares With WWE Legend

Kevin Owens Discusses Cool Record He Shares With WWE Legend WWE

Kevin Owens has discussed a cool record that he shares with a WWE legend.

Owen Hart is regarded as one of the most beloved wrestlers in WWE history with many of today’s stars viewing him as their inspiration for getting into the business.

Out of all of the current stars, there might not a bigger fan of Hart than Kevin Owens, who gained inspiration from him for his WWE ring name and the name of his son.

In a new interview with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling, Owens discussed sharing a cool record with Owen Hart. On the two men currently tied for the number of times they have won the Intercontinental Championship, KO said:

“It means a lot, and it’s funny because I’d love to win the Intercontinental Title back, but I also don’t want to win it back because I don’t want to break that similarity.”

“I want to share that with Owen, so it’s a real conflicting feeling, but it’s really cool to have that, for sure.”

Owens continued on to explain what drew him to Owen Hart as a kid, saying:

“For me, I think a lot of it happened when I first started watching wrestling, WrestleMania 11 was the first tape I watched with my dad, and then I started going backwards and watching the shows before that that I’d missed, and I watched Royal Rumble, and Bret Hart was wrestling Diesel for the title, and at one point in the match, I knew the backstory of Bret being the older brother, Owen being the younger brother. I was the younger brother, my brother was ten years older than me, and of course, with that dynamic, my brother was stronger, faster, everything.”

“If we got into an argument, obviously my brother would win. If we got into a tussle, Mr brother would win. It was like the little brother complex.”

“When I saw Bret in that match try to cheat, he tried to use cables to wrap them around Diesel’s legs, and I, at that point, was a kid with a lot of morals, and I couldn’t believe that Bret Hart would be cheating.”

“What the hell is that? Then Owen came out to try and stop him. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know that the dynamics of the story with the bad guy, the good guy, who did what.”

“I just knew that Owen Hart, the valiant younger brother, was trying to stop his older brother from cheating. So I immediately latched onto Owen as being, ‘He’s me, he’s just like, and Bret’s like my big brother.’”

“That was it for me, man. Beyond that, Owen was an absolutely incredible competitor, a great character, entertaining as hell, so obviously he had all the qualities for me to become a huge fan right from the get-go, and he had the younger brother similarity with me, so that sealed the deal.”

Transcription via Fightful

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