Tony Khan Reaction To AEW Fight Forever Launch Revealed

Tony Khan Reaction To AEW Fight Forever Launch Revealed AEW, THQ Nordic

With AEW Fight Forever approaching two months on the market, company president Tony Khan has publicly addressed the future of AEW’s debut home console release.

Despite some mixed critic reviews, Fight Forever has been praised for its throwback, pick up and play gameplay reminiscent of the fondly remembered era of wrestling video games in the late 90s and early 2000s.

While the in-ring action has been a highlight, many modern video games require a roadmap of content to keep players engaged and coming back to the title long-term.

Addressing this concern, Tony Khan spoke with PWInsider’s Mike Johnson and revealed his thoughts on the game’s launch as well as what the future looks like for the title long-term.

Khan said:

“I’m thrilled with the launch. I think Fight Forever has been well received. And the future is really strong.

“I mean, it was important that we get off to a strong start for sales; and we did.”

While there have been updates to the game’s roster via downloadable content packs, the first major gameplay addition will be the Stadium Stampede online battle royale mode.

This new addition was revealed by AEW via a teaser trailer, with the mode expected to launch in August 2023.

Khan discussed the new mode and what is in store for fans of the game going forward, saying:

“I’m excited about the launch of Stadium Stampede mode and what that means.

And I think there are several really exciting developments for the game that will continue to drive interest in it over time, and it’s already off to a great start.”

For the latest statement on the game’s future from the developers YUKES, check this link here.

Transcript courtesy of WrestleZone

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