Tyson Fury Wants To Headline A WWE Pay-Per-View In The UK

3 years ago by Nate

Tyson Fury Wants To Headline A WWE Pay-Per-View In The UK

Tyson Fury has been calling out Drew McIntyre in recent weeks on Twitter. He was back at it again today. This time it was during a conversation with BT Sport.

Here’s what The Gypsy King had to say:

“I am a big fan [of Drew McIntyre], big, big fan. He’s absolutely in fantastic shape, real good looking fella. He may be able to teach me a few beauty tips and a few wrestling moves. But yeah, I did see him talk about a big British fight.

“Sure, if WWE comes to the United Kingdom and they want a massive pay-per-view event, then look no further than the Gypsy King vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE belt [Championship].”

So, there you go. Tyson Fury thinks it would be a massive pay-per-view event. It would probably draw a massive crowd and a pretty good buy-rate.

However, it wouldn’t be the greatest wrestling match ever. One, because that’s clearly between Edge and Randy Orton. Two, because while Fury might be a great boxer, he’s still got a ways to go in a professional wrestling ring.

Is this a match you’d like to see? Let us know your thoughts on this potential match on Twitter.

Big thanks to SportsKeeda.com for the transcription of the quotes.

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