Major WWE Star’s Next Match Could Be His Last

Major WWE Star’s Next Match Could Be His Last WWE

Edge’s second retirement could be happening soon with WWE making its return to Toronto for the August 18 episode of SmackDown.

In August 2022, Edge addressed the fans after WWE Raw in Toronto went off the air and revealed that his next visit to his home would be a chance for them to “say goodbye to each other that night.”

That night is finally here, with WWE SmackDown on August 18, 2023 taking place at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada.

It was recently revealed that Edge will be facing Sheamus on the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown.

As for whether it’ll be Edge’s retirement match, Dave Meltzer addressed this on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying:

“There’s a big thing here. A year ago, Edge had said he was gonna retire at the (2023) summer show in Toronto.

“And Ron Hutchinson, who is Edge’s trainer, and has known Edge for 30 years, he basically said that this is Edge’s last match.

“They certainly did not (build it up like that). But that was interesting where he said it’s probably – it’s most likely Edge’s last match.

“I think the idea was that Edge thought that maybe SummerSlam was gonna be in Toronto and was hoping for that, and then that would be where he would retire. Because he wants to retire in Toronto, and this is the year he was talking about retiring, for real, the second retirement.

“This is the last Toronto show for a while, I mean, there’ll be another one. So I don’t know if this is the retirement, they’re not billing it as such, but his trainer said that it’s probably his last match.”

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During the latest episode of SmackDown, Edge told the story of how it was filming a Celtic Warrior Workouts video with Sheamus that made him realize he’d be able to return to wrestling, so finishing his career against Sheamus himself would be an appropriate way to close things up.

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2 months ago by Dave Adamson


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