WWE Raw – March 25, 2019 (Review)

What was the worst part of last night’s episode?

JP Wood

I feel like this spot should be permanently reserved for Moment of Bliss segments. The entire presentation was off tonight and resulted in the discussion between Braun and Alexa being very flat. The video segment with two guys I don’t care about was cringy at best, and I actively dislike the angle more having seen it.

Nicholas Holicki

The Moment of Bliss is what I imagine a swift kick to the crotch would feel like if it happened every day for month. Eventually you just have to become numb to the pain, right?

With that said, I haven’t reached that point yet, as Raw successfully combined my two least favourite elements in wrestling today: Alexa Bliss hosting a talk show and unfunny SNL personalities. Add the phrase “social media correspondents” into the mix and you’ve just created the perfect storm of garbage.

Despite this, as ridiculous as it will undoubtedly be, I am intrigued to see the shenanigans that Colin Jost, Michael Che and Braun Strowman get up to in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The match really means absolutely nothing, so it’s the perfect candidate for a bit of ‘Mania silliness.

5 years ago by Nicholas Holicki


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